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Frequently asked questions

What separates Hydroflex from a standard glass job?

Hydroflex surfboards are based on the patented 3D-lamination process. This unique 3-dimensional bonding structure is used to glass our boards, which multiplies the bonding surface and strength between resin, cloth and core. Delamination is eliminated by anchoring the laminate into the foam core, creating a board with superior performance and responsiveness. Thus, creating our boards lighter and stronger than any standard glass job on the market. We work with any shaper who would like to use our technology.

Can you glass any board?

Here at Hydroflex we can glass just about any foam people are using to build surfboards. Standard PU blanks, EPS stringerless, EPS stringered, and even recycled foam. If you are looking to have a board glassed with our ‘Super Charger’ option, the board must be an EPS blank.

Which surfboards do you offer?

We offer EVERY board by Lost, Surf Prescriptions, Bradley, Roberts and Bufo. Not every board we offer is online. If you don't see a model you want just contact us and we will get you details on it.

What shapers do you work with?

The beauty of our process is that we can worth with ANY shaper. Contact your favorite shaper and tell them you want to have your board with Hydroflex Technology and we will work with them to get your board built. We stock Lost, Roberts, Surf Prescriptions, Bradley and Bufo surfboards. Call and see what we might have on hand.

Where can I buy a Hydroflex board?

Jack’s Surf, Huntington Surf and Sport, Real Water Sports, Rider Shack, Brave New World, Catalyst, ET Surf, and Surf Concepts currently stock boards you can buy off the rack.

How can I order a custom Hydroflex board?

We offer an online custom order form where you can custom order any Lost, Rusty, Haydenshapes, Pyzel, Bradley, Roberts, Bufo, Surf Prescriptions, Sharp Eye, Adam J. Warner or Tim Stamps board. Customize your dimensions, fin system, lam colors, and foam. Just call us (see the nomber above) or contact use through the online custom order form

What is your turn time on custom boards?

From start to finish on a custom surfboard we get boards out in about 10-12 weeks from the day you order online. Rush orders are available for an additional charge.

Do you ship boards?

Yes, we can ship to your closest doorstep in the US and internationally to your nearest international airport or even door.

I dinged my Hydroflex board. How do I repair it?

You can repair any Hydroflex board like you do any standard epoxy board. Using an epoxy patch kit that you can buy in any local surf shop will do the job.

Can I demo a Hydroflex surfboard?

Yes! Come by our shop in Oceanside to try one our shapes on our demo rack.

I have a Hydroflex Supercharger model surfboard.
Can I use a standard bike pump to charge my board?

Unfortunately not. Our boards are meant to only be charged with the pump provided with your board. Using another pump beside the one we provide you at the time of sale can damage and even completely ruin your board.

Do you offer glassed on fins, channel bottoms, black carbon strips and color lams on custom surfboards?

Yes… When you custom order a board you can make it how you want. Additional chargers will apply on some customization.