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3D-Glassing™ Check out what's in every Hydroflex Surfboard

EFC Surfboard Construction

Waterproof, even if dinged. Harder to dent. The ultimate surfboard for traveling.

New Extruded Flex Core (EFC) by Hydroflex is the next level in surfboard construction. These waterproof blanks are closed cell extruded polystyrene foam developed specifically for surfboards. This foam optimizes flex for high performance surfing with more memory and a more responsive feel. The closed cell structure means absolutely no water will be absorbed by the foam if it comes into contact with the elements.

Because the foam is extruded using well-established manufacturing processes it has a very consistent density profile and flex pattern. This also eliminates soft spots in the blank and helps to minimize pressure dings. Our EFC surfboard construction starts with a hand shaped XPS blank. The blank is then glassed with our patented 3D-Glassing™ Technology, rooting fiberglass and resin into the foam for a stronger bond. All Hydroflex boards are made with epoxy resin for a natural and lively feel. Epoxy resin is lighter and stronger compared to polyester resin and allows for twice the flex before cracking. Another benefit of Epoxy resin is that the molecules do not break down over time. This process yeilds the highest strength to weight ratio possible and offers excellent flex characteristics. This technology is fully customizable and available in any shape. Every surfboard that leaves our factory is built with our patented 3D-Glassing™ Technology.

Benefits of the EFC Surfboard Construction

• Won‘t absorb water - even if dinged
• Superior crushing strength
• Great flex memory & responsive feel
• Impact and crush resistant
• Consistent density eliminates soft spots
• Heaps of pop & lively feel
• Longer lasting flex patterns
• Eliminates delamination
• 100% customizable
• Highest strength-to-weight ratio
• Vacuum processed for maximum strength
• Doesn‘t feel rigid or hard
• Tested by Pro Surfers

3D-Glassing™ Engineered in GER / Handmade in the USA ORDER CUSTOMS DIRECTLY FROM THE USA!

Construction Options

The Natural - Surfboard Construction

The Natural" is our standard construction with 3D-Glassing™ and the highest quality epoxy resin available. The quality and durability of our surfboards is ensured by the use of certified fiberglass with the strongest weave on the market. This is used across all our models. By passing these certification measures, the engineered glass in every surfboard is the highest quality material you’ll find.

Tech Series

Tech Series - Specialty Surfboard Constructions

Multiple Awarded