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Hydroflex Technology teams up with Fin-S - Toolless Fins


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Fin-S Mayhem Surfboard Fin

OCEANSIDE, CA (April, 2013) Hydroflex Surfboard Technology has recently teamed up with Fin-S, the unique tool-less fin system that utilizes their patented SpringLock Technology. Fin-S technology allows customers to no longer be bound to using tools and screws to manage and dial in their fin setups.

The Fin-S system will be available for any of the brands that Hydroflex works with including Lost, Roberts, Surf Prescriptions, Bufo and more. Order the Fin-S system for stock or custom boards for a quick fin change.

“I have tried the Fin-S system and it works great.” Says CEO Rich Ciesco. “We are excited to expand the options of fin systems we have. Our retailers can request boards with Fin-S and we have updated our online custom order form to include this option immediately for custom orders.”

Scott Posner, Co-Founder and President of Fin-S, is “really happy to be working with Hydroflex, another company breaking boundaries with surfboard technology. With Fin-S there's no more lost or stripped fin keys or screws that the other systems use." The system uses a corrosion-resistant stainless-steel spring that maintains a constant pressure on the fin to keep it secured in the fin box. “Our fin boxes are smaller and lighter then its competitors.” Scott says. “It’s easy to remember: ‘Don’t Screw With Us’”.

Visit www.fin-s.com for their selection of performance fins they have to offer and order your next Hydroflex board through our custom order form Be sure to follow us on twitter @hydroflexsurf and on instagram @hydroflexsurfboards for the latest photos and information with Fin-S.

About the Hydroflex Technology
Hydroflex Technology LLC is a custom surfboard manufacturer with 25 years of experience in flexible board constructions. After years of research, the surfer and shaper Bufo developed the patented 3-dimensional glassing technique together with a team of surfers, shapers and space technology engineers. Bufo had the structure of plants in mind, when he engineered this very unique technology back in Germany. He then moved in 2009 to Oceanside, to share with surfers and shapers. Today the creation of every Hydroflex construction replaces the conventional two-dimensional adhesion surface with a 3-dimensional bonding structure, resulting in a design aimed towards high performance surfing.


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