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Hydroflex introduces Carbon Surfboards

Tech Series - By Hydroflex Surfboards

Carbon Surfboard - Roberts Black Punt
Roberts Black Punt as a full carbon surfboard with Hydroflex 3D Carbon Technology. Right mouseclick on the picture, then view picture will show a high definition picture.

Carbon Surfboard - Lost F1
Lost F1 Carbon Surfboard with Hydroflex 3D Carbon Technology. Right mouseclick on the picture, then view picture will show a high definition picture.

Josh Kerr testing the carbon surfboard in Hawaii
A photo of Josh Kerr riding the full carbon fiber Rusty surfboard we made for him in Hawaii. Picture by Rusty Australia.

With TeXtreme® Carbon Fiber

TeXtreme: High Tech Carbon Fiber

The Textreme fabric has some distinct advantages over traditional fabric weaves. It reduces the weight of your composites and the increased fiber content gives you a composite that outperforms conventional reinforcement fabrics at any given weight. It increases the mechanical properties. The flat structure of TeXtreme® minimizes the negative crimp effect you will find in conventional woven fabrics. It will enhance the surface smoothness. Better surface smoothness is achieved by fewer interlacing points, increased fiber floats and less crimp in TeXtreme®.

If surfing were Bruce Wayne’s thing, this would be his board…

Through continued research and development, we are proud to announce that we manufacture full carbon surfboards now. They are 100% customizable, and can be built in any model from Lost, Roberts, Surf Prescriptions, Bradley or Bufo. The Carbon 3D board will be $1500.00.

The carbon surfboards will be the first board of our Tech-Series line of surfboard constructions. Our TechSeries boards will come directly from our R+D lab with feed back from top surfing pros. The constructions will only use high-end materials, like carbon, kevlar and other specialty fabrics. These carbon surfboards will not be mass-produced and will be limited, and will only be available through custom orders through shops and our online custom order form


We are always tweaking our construction, experimenting with new materials, and trying to think outside the box to advance surf technology. A few months ago we were presented with a carbon fiber material called Textreme and started experimenting with its potential mixed with our 3D lamination. Our first carbon surfboards were shaped by Rusty founder, Rusty Preisendorfer, their “Jokerr” model. Since, the carbon surfboards have been under testing by the man that model was named after, Josh Kerr himself. Any Tech Series carbon-fiber board can be shaped by the shaper of YOUR choice and bring you a truly 100% customizable carbon fiber surfboard. Every Textreme carbon fiber surfboard comes with a polyurethane stringered blank integrated with the Hydroflex Patented 3D lamination technology that multiplies the bonding surface and strength between resin, cloth and core. The blending of this material on our process is the basis out of Carbon 3D construction.

After some very positive feed back from Josh, we went ahead with our process to create  new prototypes with a slightly different glassing schedule to compare. Two of the prototypes will be showcased at the Florida Surf Expo in January 2013. One of the prototypes is a Black Punt by Robert Weiner, of Roberts Surfboards, and is the same type of hand shaped stringered PU foam core, wrapped in Textreme carbon fiber. This carbon surfboard features a slightly different fabric weight and fiber direction resulting in more flex than the first prototypes. After the show Roberts team rider Torrey Meister will test the carbon surfboard and give us the last feedback on our all carbon project.

Josh Kerr tested our carbon surfboards - Transworld Surf April 2013
Josh Kerr testing our carbon boards - Seen in Transworld Surf April 2013

About us
Hydroflex Technology LLC is a custom surfboard manufacturer with 25 years of experience in flexible board constructions. After years of research, the surfer and shaper Bufo developed the patented 3-dimensional glassing technique together with a team of surfers, shapers and space technology engineers. Bufo had the structure of plants in mind, when he engineered this very unique technology back in Germany. He then moved in 2009 to Oceanside, to share with surfers and shapers. Today the creation of every Hydroflex construction replaces the conventional two-dimensional adhesion surface with a 3-dimensional bonding structure, resulting in a design aimed towards high performance surfing.


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