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Surfing Videos
Surfing Videos
Surfing Videos

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Carbon Surfboards, Josh Kerr, Surf Expo

Trip Forman from Real Watersports reviews the newest tech from Hydroflex The Carbon 3D Surfboard with TeXtreme carbon fiber.

A video of Josh Kerr surfing and ripping on a Jokerr model by Rusty Surfboards with Hydroflex 3D Team glassing. A fun session with aerials, 360s and more. Video by Matt Kleiner, music by The Yes Club for more info on the surfer visit www.kerrzy.com

Hydroflex Surfboards took the trip to Orlando, Florida to participate in the annual SIMA Surf Expo in January 2013. Surf Expo is produced in January and September in Orlando, Florida and draws buyers from specialty stores across the U.S., the Caribbean, Central and South America and around the world. Watch the video and see a bit of what the show was about and what Hydoflex was up to at the show!

Surfing Videos

Matt Wilkinson, Torrey Meister, Chris Ward, Mason Ho, Richard Kenvin, Patrick Rebstock, Gorkin, Peter Mendia, Jayce Robinson and Teddy Navarro surfing on Hydroflex Surfboards.
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Surfing video of Torrey Meister on a board shaped by himself and glassed with Hydroflex 3D Team glassing. "Without the help from Shaper Studios and the glassing from Hydroflex Surfboards it probably would have sunk!! The board ended up being super fun thanks boys appreciate your help! Also wanted to thank my good friend Sean Silva for capturing and editing all the footage your the man thank you brahda!!", Torrey Meister said. More info about Torrey Meister on www.altorrego.com.

Video of Matt Wilkinson surfing on a board shaped by Quicksilver shaper Christiaan Bradley in Hawaii 2012. Some scenes while he is having fun on a Hydroflex 3D Team glassed board as well. Filmed and edited by Nick Pollet.

Sick surfing video of Mason Ho scoring some big waves during the Hangloose Pro 2012 in Fernanchi, Brazil. He surfs a 5'9" and a 5'10" Lost Scorcher with Hydroflex Natural construction and Hydroflex 3D Team Glassing. He scored a perfect 10 while surfing a Hydroflex board. Video credits: Rory Pringle

Strapless kitesurfer Patrick Rebstock kitesurfing on a Lost Hydroflex Supercharger with Hydroflex 3D Glassing Triple-X. Portugal marks the first stop for the LivingTheDream Euro Tour and Quiksilver surfer Patrick Rebstock. When it comes to roadtrips this one takes the cake with over 10,000 kilometers driven, 13 countries visited, a few injuries, and endless good times. Together with James Ropner and Alli Pareti as companions Patrick Rebstock explores the beautiful coastline of Portugal. Life on the road proves to be full of adventure for these three as they cross the European landscape.

Billabong and Proctor Surfboards teamrider and pro surfer Peter Mendia surfing a 5'10" Monsta at Chicama in Peru doing nice cutbacks and airs. This board is a Hydroflex Supercharger, which is glassed with Hydroflex 3D Team glassing and shaped by Todd Proctor.

Take notes kids. Filmmaker and the man behind www.hydrodynamica.com, Richard Kenvin puts on a clinic riding a 6'2" asymmetrical channel bottom board by Ryan Burch on the Lower Trestles test track. It's a Hydroflex Natural with Hydroflex 3D Team glassing. Video and Edit by Erik Derman, Music "Piano" by Pomegranates.

Teddy Navarro rips on his Lost Scorcher with Hydroflex Natural Tech and Hydroflex 3D Team glassing in Newport. Also in this video: Nate Yeomans, Chris Waring and Tom Rezvan. Credits: David Lee Scales

UK Surfer Jayce Robinson surfing on a Lost Rocket with Hydroflex Supcharger construction and the Hydroflex 3D Team Glassing.

Chris Ward testing and surfing a 5'4" Lost Rocket to the max with Hydroflex Supercharger construction and ┬žd Team Glassing.

Company Videos

Hydroflex Surfboards Company Videos.

We brought a video from the ASR-Tradeshow 2009 in San Diego. You see a selection of Lost Hydroflex Surfboard Shapes. We introduced the Hydroflex Surpercharger. The first high performance surfboard with adjustable flex characteristics.

Hydroflex Technology

Learn more about the Hydroflex Technology.
This video shows you how to repair a heavily dented surfboard. See how to remove dents. Watch how the dents dissapear by charging this hydroflex supercharger surfboard with air pressure. This surfboard was heavily surfed with no pressure over a long period of time. This is why we recommend to never surf the Supercharger without pressure!!!

Surfer, Shaper and inventor of the patented Hydroflex Technology "Bufo Rouven Brauers" explains what's behind the Hydroflex Technology and gives you a taste what's going on in the Hydroflex Surfboards manufacturing facility.