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Tom Curren, Mason Ho, Patrick Rebstock, Gorkin, Andrew Doheny and Jayce Robinson surfing on Hydroflex Surfboards.
Gorkin talks about his Lost F1 Stub Hydroflex SuperCharger with Hydroflex 3D Team Glassing shaped by "Mayhem" Matt Biolos.

Video of Patrick Rebstock kitesurfing strapless again on a Lost Hydroflex SuperCharger with Hydroflex 3D Triple-X glassing.

Gorkin surfing and testing his 5'9" Lost F1 Stub with Hydroflex Supercharger construction and Hydroflex 3d Team Glassing in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

The young Newquay talent Jayce Robinson shares the secrets of one of his favourite aerials called "The Air Reverse" on a Lost Hydroflex Supercharger with Hydroflex 3D Team Glassing. The former English Open Champion Jayce Robinson takes you through the process of landing an eye-catching air reverse, an aerial move that he thinks is yet to be mastered. Watch, learn and go practicing. This video is presented by Relentless Energy. Filmed in Bakio and Mundaka. Filmed and edited by Tim Boydell. Water filming by Yannick Loussouarn.

Mason Ho surfing a 5'8" Lost Sub Scorcher with Hydroflex Supercharger construction aand Hydroflex 3D Team glassing at Newport and T-Street.

A sick surfing video of Tom Curren testing a 6'0" Bufo Travellers Complex with Hydroflex Technology somewhere in Spain and France.

Lost Surfboards Teamrider Mason Ho, Aaron Cormican aka Gorkin, Andrew Doheny and Chris Ward surfing on boards shaped by Matt Biolos with the new Hydroflex Supercharger Technology surfing in California.

Mason Ho's winning wave, riding his 5'4 Lost Black Sheep Hydroflex Supercharger Construction with Hydroflex 3D Team Glassing.