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All Hydroflex Surfboard News


P/U Surfboards available in November

We're glad to introduce non supercharged Hydroflex P/U surfboards in US-Shops in November. The boards have a good drive and cost $100 less than a Supercharger. Please click on more, for more info...

Peter Mendia on Proctor Surfboards

Billabong and Proctor Surfboards teamrider and pro surfer Peter Mendia surfing a 5'10" Monsta at Chicama in Peru doing nice cutbacks and airs. This board is a Hydroflex Supercharger, which is glassed by Hydroflex and shaped by Todd Proctor.

Lost Surfboards for Kelly Zaun & Droid

Kelly Zaun on his Lost Hydroflex Surfboard

New surfboards for Kelly Zaun, Dane Zaun and Droid. Dane got a new Hydroflex Lost Sub-Driver and Dave Post, the Volcom team manager picked up a Lost Sub-Driver and a Lost Blacksheep for Droid.

Mayhem Surfboards for Gorkin

Gorkin got new hydroflexed Mayhem Surfboards

Pro Surfer Gorkin aka Aaron Cormican from New Smyrna Beach, Florida got new hydroflexed Mayhem Surfboards. A Sub Scorcher and Round Nose Fish Shark model. Click on more to see some pics...

The new Mini-Malibu shaped by Bufo

The Loveboat. A Mini-Malibu shaped by Bufo.
The Loveboat is a new shape by Bufo. This Mini-Malibu comes with Diamond tail & down rails for serious carving turns. The full nose and the healthy volume distribution allow the surfboard to paddle fast and catch waves easy.

Strapless Kitesurfing with Patrick Rebstock

Patrick Rebstock, member of the new strapless kitesurfing movement is pushing the kitesurf scene since a while. We are happy to see him surfing a supercharger board and doing floaters, 360 shifts, lipslides and massive airs on his Lost Surfboard with Hydroflex Technology in California. Second guy in this vid is Ian Alldredge.

Surfboard Demo in Honolulu, Hawaii

Surfboard Demo in Honolulu, Hawaii 2011.

Hawaiians, on July 23rd you have the chance to demo Hydroflex Lost Surfboards in Honolulu. The demo is held by our friends from Hawaiian South Shore surfshop at Kewalo Basin from 10am till 1pm...

Mason Ho, Gorkin, Andrew Doheny & Chris Ward on Hydroflex Technology

Mason Ho, Aaron Cormican aka Gorkin, Andrew Doheny aka Droid and Chris Ward surfing on boards shaped by Matt Biolos with the new Hydroflex SuperCharger Technology in California.

Andrew Doheny surfing a Lost Surfboard

Andrew Doheny and Kyle Kennelly having fun while surfing their Mayhem / Lost Surfboards with Hydroflex Supercharger Technology in Newport, California. Music by Jaques Dutronc!

Surfboard Demo at Huntington Beach

Surfboard Demo at Huntingtion Beach, California.

Give us a visit at Northside of Huntington Beach Pier to try out our boards. We'll have Lost, Robert Weiner and Bufo nuggets out there. Demo is holding on June 17th from 8 to 11am.