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All Hydroflex Surfboard News


Channel Islands goes Hydroflex

Channel Islands Hydroflex Quiver
Hydroflex is stoked to be have teamed up with Channel Islands Surfboards. Channel Islands is known for their proven board designs, and Hydroflex leads the industry in construction with our patented 3D-Glassing™ technology.  When we teamed up to glass with Channel Islands we knew a unique opportunity was arising, one that would let us produce boards with great shapes and awesome performance. A number of the CI team riders have been getting boards built with Hydroflex Technology, even Kelly Slater has been testing a few Channel Islands boards this year.

Resin tinted surfboards

Hydroflex offers a wide variety of resin tinted colors and designs that can be ordered with your custom surfboard. Some resin tinted examples can be seen on our Surfboard Website - Resin tints start at $70 and can go up depending on the number of colors and complexity. If you want to order a custom board with a resin tint head over to our custom surfboard order form and send us a message.


Boardroom Tradeshow

Boardroom Tradeshow
The weekend of May 17th-18th Hydroflex Surfboards will be heading to the Del Mar Fairgrounds for The Boardroom Show. At booth A15 we will display boards from a variety of brands we work with including Lost, Roberts, Sharp Eye, AJW and more all built with our patented Epoxy 3D-Glassing™ technology.

New Surfboards 2014

Lost Weekend Warrior - New Surfboard 2014
Hydroflex Technology is fully customizable to any shape. This means we can build you any model from any of our featured surfboard shapers. This includes Lost, Rusty, Hadenshapes, Roberts, Maurice Cole, and many others. Check out some of our new surfboards for 2014 below. Use our custom order form or give us a call at (760) 757-7006 to dial in your own custom shape.

Red Bull Decades EP 5 with Hydroflex

Red Bull Decades covers the LOST Rocket by Matt Biolos glassed with Hydroflex Technology. Surfing with Ian Walsh, Jamie O’Brien, Kolohe Andino and Julian Wilson.

Extruded Flex Core - Closed Cell Foam

The Extruded Flex Core by Hydroflex is a closed cell surfboard foam.
Hydroflex is stoked to unveil our partnership with Marko Foam and our new Extruded Flex Core (EFC) blanks. The closed-cell EFC blank is a groundbreaking progression of advanced surfboard construction. Developed specifically for surfboards, this state-of-the-art extruded polystyrene foam will stand up to the abuses of the ultramodern surfer better than any other blank out there. PU and EPS foam options will be still available. You now have the choice between three different foam cores to choose your next Hydroflex Surfboard with.

New Handboards by Hydroflex

New Handboards by Hydroflex
Available here - The handboards are made of recycled fiberglass and foam core leftovers. They feature a decent nose to tail rocker and a full single concave through the center. A hard edge from tip to tail helps with control in the wave. The strap is made of recycled wetsuits. Like the skateboards the handplanes are made out of a signature honeycomb core enhanced with radiating colors, evoking an eye candy effect.


Best of Show board – Surf Expo 2013

Best of show board at Surf Expo 2013
Hydroflex won the “Best of Show board” in the shortboard category at the Surf Expo 2013. Again it was a collab surfboard with Robert Weiner, Applecore stringers, Textreme Carbon and Futures Fins.

Introducing Pyzel Surfboards

Pyzel Surfboards now available with Hydroflex Tech.
We are proud to announce that Pyzel Surfboards are now available with Hydroflex Tech. Every surfboard by Jon Pyzel can be custom ordered through Hydroflex.

Carissa Moore Smacks US Open 2013

Carissa Moore smacks US Open of Surfing
This year at the Vans US Open of Surf in Huntington Beach Carissa Moore rode away to the finals exhibiting her new 5’8" - 18.63 - 2.18 Lost SubScorcher 2 squash tail Hydroflex surfboard.