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All Hydroflex Surfboard News


Aaron Gorkin Cormican on his Hydroflex

Aaron Gorkin Cormican surfing his new Lost Hydroflex surfboard at his homespot New Smyrna Beach in Florida. It's a Sub-Scorcher 5'6 with a swallow and asymmetrical tail.

Hydroflex wins innovation Award

The Popular Science Magazine named the Hydroflex Supercharger Surfboard and the Hydroflex Technology one of the best innovations of 2010! The magazine also listed the Hydroflex Technology as one of the top 8 innovations of 2010 in the recreation category...

Read the article on Popular Science

30% discount for a Hydroflex Board

Do you know this spot? The name of the spot and or a desription of the location is valid. The first one with the answer gets a 30 % discount on his online purchased Hydroflex Surfboard. Just write us an e-mail, or a comment on facebook, or areply on twitter...

Mason Ho rips on a Hydroflex Surfboard

Mason Ho rips on his new Lost Sub-Scorcher swallow tail with Hydroflex Technology during two session at Newport and T-Street.

Review by Transworld Surf

Check out  the latest review of Hydroflex Supercharger Surfboards. Released by Transworld Surf and written by Casey Koteen:

"It's one of the most interesting - and functional - tweaks on traditional surfboard construction in a long time."



Surfline did a review of the new Hydroflex Supercharger Technology. "Pretty cool shit" this "unique technology". To the review