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Best of Show board – Surf Expo 2013

Best of show board at Surf Expo 2013
Hydroflex won the “Best of Show board” in the shortboard category at the Surf Expo 2013. Again it was a collab surfboard with Robert Weiner, Applecore stringers, Textreme Carbon and Futures Fins.

Using our 3D Glassing patented process, this hand shape board by Robert Weiner of Roberts Surfboard models innovative technology that is pushing the limits of surfboard construction. A Robert’s 6’2” Black Thumb model with Hydroflex’s patented 3D Glassing Technology, where the fiberglass is rooted into the foam which helps avoid delamination and extend the flex pattern throughout the life the of the board. As with all Hydroflex Surfboards, this board uses high-grade epoxy resin and a special woven fiberglass, which is laminated by a vacuum bagging process. Hydroflex surfboards are engineered in Germany and handmade in Oceanside, California.

Best of show board at Surf Expo 2013

The board is a PU blank with a 3-ply Appelcore stringer. The top is finished off with a neon yellow resin tint and a clean pin line between the two sides. The tail patch is Vectornet Carbon/Kevlar, to help with compression strength and not limit flex.

Best of show board at Surf Expo 2013

The top half of the bottom is glasses with spread tow 12k carbon fiber, which is extremely light and strong. The lower half of the bottom is glassed with Vectornet Carbon/Kevlar, which allows for more flex through the tail but also has excellent flex memory, giving the tail flex and spring through the turns.

Close to 20,000 people attended Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida. Surf Expo is the surf industry’s largest tradeshow. It is a three-day event that showcases beach merchandise, multiple boardsport lines and new fashion.