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Custom Resin Tints - Colorful surfboards

Custom Resin Tinting - Colored, Colorful Surfboards
After spending the last few months testing and experimenting with resin tinting with our 3D- Glassing™ process to allow further customize your surfboard, we are now proud to offer resin tinting and colored surfboards for custom orders When you order a custom surfboard with Hydroflex Technology now have the opportunity to choose custom resin tints to make your surfboard truly custom and stand out from the rest.

The color on the surfboard is obtained by adding pigments to the resin and then completed with Hydroflex Technology 3D-Glassing™. This ensures a strong bond between the foam and fiberglass, as opposed to spraying color on the blank itself, which can result in decreasing responsiveness / delamination over time. Resin tints allow you to keep all the benefits of Hydroflex Technology while taking your customization options even further. Custom surfboards order form

Pricing for a colored surfboard

Tinting starts at  $70 for the first color and $20 for each additional color after that. Please allow for an additional 2-3 weeks to your board for a custom resin tint. Stay tuned with Hydroflex for new projects, board options, and R&D testing on our blog and the HydroLab.

Custom Resin Tinting - Colored, Colorful Surfboards