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Hurley Pro 2012 at Trestles

Hurley Pro 2012 at Trestles
Start planning your sick days off work next week for the Trestles Hurley Pro September 16-22, as the worlds best surfers compete for a top spot in the ASP World Tour. Tour surfers Josh Kerr, Jeremy Flores, Matt Wilkinson, Damien Hobgood, and Torrey Miester all recently received brand new Hydroflex boards and are showing potential for donning their new hardware during competition.

Hurley Pro 2012 at Trestles - New Rusty board for Josh Kerr
New Rusty board with Hydroflex Natural ech for Josh Kerr.

Hurley Pro 2012 at Trestles - New Roberts board for Torrey Meister
New Roberts shredsled for Torrey Meister. The Hurley Pro has partnered with Bud Light Lime bringing spectators the “Bud Light Lime Expression Session.” Pro surfer Torrey Meister is expected to be surfing his Hydroflex surfboard in the showcase.

Hurley Pro 2012 at Trestles - New Bradley board for Matt Wilkinson
New Bradley board for Matt Wilkinson.

Hurley Pro 2012 at Trestles - New Bradley board for Jeremy Flores
New Bradley board for Jeremy Flores.

Shirts, Hats & Stickers giveaways
Keep an eye out for Hydroflex on the beach all week, giving out
stickers, hats, and t-shirts.

Hurley Pro 2012 at Trestles

As one of the biggest events in America, the Hurley Pro will take place on one of surfing’s best stages in the world, Lower Trestles. The world’s top 34 surfers just finished up an event in Tahiti, with barreling waves at Teahupo’o and are preparing for a much different “skate park” type wave. Lowers is the most well defined point/reef in the Trestles surf area, breaking the best on large south and southwest swells.

As in years past, the Hurley Pro stands as a turning point in the world title race. By winning a title here, surfers are propelled into the final competitions with often-unbeatable momentum. Throw in the latest Hydroflex technology with picturesque surf and some of the world’s best surfers taking advantage of it, and you’ve got a trifecta of greatness.

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