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Hydroflex & Bufo Review on Dailystoke

Hydroflex & Bufo Surfboard Review on Dailystoke

Dailystoke.com launched a review of the Hydroflex Technology and the Bufo Boogiefish. Quote: Hydroflex Surfboards offers one of the most advanced and newest surfboard technologies on the market for high performance surfboards...

Some quotes from Dailystoke

"I’ve had the honor of connecting with some of the best innovators, designers and craftsmen/women in the surf world and I am lucky enough to experience riding their craft and unique wave catching machines first hand before reporting back to you on how well they worked, and if I think the average “Joe” can benefit from such a purchase or investment..."

"Hydroflex is a relatively new and incredibly innovative company that has quietly been injecting itself into the surfboard market over the past few years and catching the attention of some pretty big names in the industry..."

"After conducting this test over a few sessions I can honestly say that I did observe a notable difference in performance with differing pressure settings..."

"As for the Boogiefish design, it may look a bit odd but I’m hooked and think Bufo is really on to something; and I am confident that you’ll be seeing more Bufo logos in lines ups everywhere once the secret is out..."

"I am truly impressed with Hydroflex’s Supercharger technology and in house brand of Bufo boards..."

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Hydroflex and Bufo Review on Dailystoke.com