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Hydroflex Demo in South of Spain

Surfboard Demo in South of Spain

From 14th of october till 9th of december you can demo Hydroflex Boards at the a-frame surfcamp in Cadiz / El Palmar. We have a collection of surfboards by Bufo, Roberts, Lost, DK and Nigel Semmens.

El Palmar is a small city located in south of spain at the atlantic ocean. It's known for it's constant wave conditions. So you can make to to have the right board for the beachbreak at El Palmar and for other points and reef breaks located at Costa de la Luz. If you have any questions you can get in contact with Alexander (alex.hnatyk@googlemail.com). He has all the boards ready for you.

Following boards are available:

Lost Rocket 5.4
Lost Rocket 5.8
Lost Rocket 6.1
Lost Whiplash 6.3
Bufo Boogiefish 5.9
Bufo Travellers Complex 6.1
Bufo Travellers Complex 6.3
Bufo Travellers Complex 6.5
Bufo Fiber Jet 5.11
Bufo Fiber Jet 6.1
Roberts Surfboards Black Diamond 6.3
Nigel Semmens Stealth 5.8
DK Pato 5.11