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Introducing Asymmetrical Surfboards

Asymmetrical Surfboards by Carl Ekstrom

Very soon, we are introducing asymmetrical surfboards by Carl Ekstrom, Ryan Burch, Lost and Bufo. The "Acesymmetric" by Mr. Ekstrom is the first board with asymmetrical design featured on our site and it's available for orders now.

You can checkout the board profile here Please make sure to visit us at the Sacred Craft Consumer Expo 2011 at Del Mar Fairgrounds on October 8th and 9th. Visit the Hydroflex booth #316 and grab some free stickers and WIN A HYDROFLEX SURFBOARD. We post more info during the next days. Bufo will be there to answer questions and he will show some of his new shapes and asymmetrical designs. We will be featuring boards from Ekstrom, Uhuru, Lost, Roberts and Bufo.

Some tips for Sacred Craft Consumer Expo 2011

Asymmetrical surfboard by Ryan Burch

Make sure to checkout the booth of Ryan Burch, to see
crazy, functional and asymmetrical surfboard designs. We glassed several
asymmetrical surfboards for him. In this pic he is picking up the
Sledgehammer at the Hydroflex factory.

Ryan Burch talkin about asymmetrical Surfboards

Ryan Burch talkin' about asymmetrical surfboards. Check out this video
of Ryan surfing the Sledgehammer. 

Tom Carroll likes the asymmetrical Lost board for Gorkin

Hydrodynamica Surfboards are unbelievable. This quest is greatly
aided by Ekstrom asymmetry. It's a recent regularfoot 6'2" X 20" by
Ryan Burch. Check it out at the Hydrodynamica booth.

Tom Carroll likes the asymmetrical Lost board for Gorkin

We also did several asymmetrical surfboards for Lost. This one was
made for Gorkin and Tom Carroll likes it. This pic was made one year ago,
so we can't show you this one. But visit the Lost booth, to see new surfboard models by Matt Biolos. We'll have some Hydroflexed ones on our booth.

Gorkin and his new love

Gorkin with his new love. We did several new asymmetrical surfboards
for Matt and he will maybe show some on his booth.

Gorkin surfing his Lost asymmetrical

Gorkin surfing on his asymmetrical surfboard by Lost.

New asymmetrical for Reese Gregg Lewis

That's another asym Lost board for Reese Gregg Lewis shaped by Matt.
As far as we know Matt should be coming out with a really crazy but
functional shape during the Tribute Shape-Off, so you could check it out too.

Carl Ekstrom will be honored at Sacred Craft 2011

Sacred Craft 2011

The Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboard Expo will honor Carl Ekstrom.
The forward thinking Ekstrom’s rejuvenated asymmetrical surfboard concept
(germinated in the ‘60s) is the focus with a verve entrenched in the design’s
proven performance. Carl said: “The asymmetrical design is obviously unique.
There is a renewed interest, and it’s all very fresh and interesting.
I’m shaping a lot of boards these days: experimenting, tweaking, changing.
It’s what I love, so it’ll be fun to see what these extraordinary craftsman
come up with.”

All details Sacred Craft Consumer Expo 2011

WHEN: October 8 & 9, 2011 Sat 10-6, Sun. 10-4
WHERE: Del Mar Fairgrounds
HOW: $10 at the door; kids 12 & under free
WEBSITE: Sacred Craft Consumer Expo 2011