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New Skateboard Cruisers

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We spent a lot of time tinkering and testing prototypes to bring the first 3-dimensionally glassed skateboard cruisers to the market. We started building personal skateboard cruisers with some of the left over materials we had in the shop. People started to take notice and want one for their own use. Thus Hydroflex Skateboards was born.

Skateboard Cruisers

Beginning with a composite core and high strength fiberglass and epoxy resin, we are building skateboards with our surfboard construction in mind. The finished boards bring every flex characteristic that Hydroflex Technology is known for, along with its durability and strength.

The basic materials of the skateboard decks are the same as you would expect in a surfboard, foam, fiberglass and resin. Of course we have picked a variation of each of these that will give us the characteristics and properties that is needed for a skate deck.

New Skateboard Cruisers

The first model that we are releasing and testing is a cruiser skateboard. This has a high density PET 3D foam core, which give the deck it’s unique look. After many series of R&D testing, we plan to launch our new skateboard line in fall 2013 on the crowd-funding organization KickStarter. Down the road we will be releasing boards with other cores and fibers. Stay tuned for updates, photos, and the first skate setups to be rolling out of production.