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Pushing the limits with Jeff Doc Lausch

Hydroflex is pushing the limits together with Jeff Doc Lausch
Hydroflex Surfboards has teamed up with shaping guru Jeff ‘Doc’ Lausch and his label, Surf Prescriptions, building some of the most innovative and eye poping boards on the market. Hydroflex now offers all current Surf Prescriptions models with our patented Hydroflex 3D glassing for shops and custom orders. Doc is a staple in the SoCal shaping community and a driving force in progressive surf shapes today.


Doc founded Surf Prescriptions in 1982 in Huntington Beach, CA. A shaper for more than 30 years, Doc has created a worldwide brand with a deep stable of team riders, including Donavon Frankenreiter, Coco Nogalas and C J Kanuha, and many others.

''I am beyond pleased to be part of what Hydroflex is offering to the fortunate people who part take in the amazing act of surfing on this planet'', said Jeff 'Doc' Lausch

Surf Prescriptions exemplifies the Hydroflex culture of pushing the limits of surf constructions, always looking to try new constructions, materials, and cutting edge shapes. Doc combines a unique style of shape/design with a progressive art that makes his boards absolutely one of a kind. Collaborate his innovative style with Hydroflex Technology and the limits are endless with what can be accomplished with this new relationship.

“I am stoked to add Surf Prescriptions to the lineup of shapers we will be distributing with Hydroflex Technology” said CEO Rich Ciesco. “I have always admired what Jeff has done with his brand and to work with him directly is an honor.”

Visit our online custom order form to see the array of shapes Doc has to offer and be sure to follow on twitter @hydroflexsurf and on instagram @hydroflexsurfboards for the latest photos and information with Surf Prescriptions.