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Channel Islands goes Hydroflex

Channel Islands Hydroflex Quiver
Hydroflex is stoked to be have teamed up with Channel Islands Surfboards. Channel Islands is known for their proven board designs, and Hydroflex leads the industry in construction with our patented 3D-Glassing™ technology.  When we teamed up to glass with Channel Islands we knew a unique opportunity was arising, one that would let us produce boards with great shapes and awesome performance. A number of the CI team riders have been getting boards built with Hydroflex Technology, even Kelly Slater has been testing a few Channel Islands boards this year.

Now you can custom order Channel Island surfboards directly from Hydroflex. “Channel Islands is excited to work with Hydroflex and offer our customers another choice in a US lamination process.  Hydroflex has proven to meet or exceed all of CI's stringent quality standards.” - Al Merrick , Channel Islands

Channel Islands 5 Fin Setup Hydroflex

Quality control at Hydroflex with new Channel Islands boards.

Together Channel Islands and Hydroflex are producing the best surfboards to ever touch the water. Channel Islands has pushed the boundaries of surfboard shapes and designs while Hydroflex is advancing surfboard technology. Joining forces, it was no doubt that Hydroflex would take Channel Islands boards to a whole new level.

Channel Islands Hydroflex Hexagon Pattern

“Channel Islands has always been on our list of companies to partner with. I think everyone in the industry watches what they do and have at some time ridden one of their boards, in fact my first board was a CI.  We can’t be more excited to be working with their crew.” - Rich Ciesco CEO.  

Channel Islands Quality Control Hydroflex

The surfboards will be built at Hydroflex’s facility in Oceanside, Ca and distributed through the Hydoflex network of retailers and through custom online orders.

Photo and Text by Nicholas Romero