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Ross Williams wins on Hydroflex

Ross Williams won the Clash of the Legends 2011

Ross Williams won Clash of the Legends 2011 on his SuperCharger shaped by Rickland Surfboards against Rob Machado, Shane Dorian and Kalani Robb.

He's surfing his personal HydroFlex SuperCharger boards at 3 psi. The dimensions are 6'0" x 19 x 2.4 and the board comes with moderate rocker, deep concave and a squash tail. Check the video. Check all videos.

Ross Williams Signature Surfboard

Here's a 6'2" version of the "My name is Ross" Signature model.
Ross Williams is a former WCT surfer from the “Momentum Generation”
and powerful surfer from the North Shore. He co-laborated with
Rich Landerer from Rickland Surfboards to create this Signature model.