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Roy van Eijk surfin' Australia

Bufo Surfboards Teamrider Roy van Eijk just returned from his latest surf trip to Australia. He spent an entire month on the Gold Coast accompanied by his Bufo Hydroflex MK 6'0" and his third companion Paul Sargeant. Together they checked out everything between Burleigh-Heads and Byron Bay...

“My favorite spot was Boiler’s! One day the barrels reached almost ten australian feet high! There were several tow-in surfers but only a few who paddled into the big waves, myself being one of them later on. That session was unbelievable, the biggest barrels I’ve ever surfed!”

The most drastic encounter Roy had was with a shark. “Tallose is known to have lots of sharks. As I was sitting on my floating board I saw a 9 foot shark just 15 feet away… pretty much scared me shitless!”

Roy is a believer ever since. “Australia is a great place to hone your skills, meeting lots of great surfers and ride waves one can only dream of.” more photos