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Short Shop and Factory Tour

Short Hydroflex Shop Tour
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In the heart of the San Diego board building community, Hydroflex Technology truly embodies the feeling of your local board shop. We hand build boards for many SoCal shapers who are passionate about boards they shape and their customers needs. The same passion goes into every board that runs through Hydroflex and behind that drive is a great team of employees that makes everything come together here at the shop.

Hydroflex was developed out of the desire to build better performance surfboards. Over the lifetime of a board it slowly loses the characteristics that we as surfers want out of a board like its flex and pop. Delamination is another problem that most surfers have dealt with and we wanted to find a way to overcome this.

Bufo - Mad scientist behind Hydroflex

Rouven “Bufo” Brauers is the mad scientist behind the process and driving force behind innovation at the company. With the idea of plant structures in mind, he engineered this unique process to produce high-performance surfboards with proven flex characteristics. He developed the process over 8 years of trail and error, in the end he came up with our 3D lamination process.

We are always experimenting with new ideas, materials, and new processes to better our product. Any day of the week one will find multiple R&D projects going on in the shop, experimenting with new foam, resins, or completely different products outside the surfing market. This outside-the-box thinking is what Hydroflex was built on years ago, and hasn’t stopped since.  Located just 3miles from the beach in Oceanside, Ca, product testing is just a few minutes away. We pride ourselves on creating products built by surfers for surfers.

Along with the experimental part of our shop, day in and day out we are building boards for customers with our patented 3-dimensional glassing. From short boards to SUPs, we do it all over here at the shop. We can work with any shaper to bring Hydroflex Technology to your home break.

Sandy - Favorite Spot: Swami's

Sandy is the office manager the at Hydroflex. She pretty much makes sure everything runs perfect at the shop and cleans up after the boys. On any given morning of the week you’ll find her at Swami’s killing it on her Hydroflex longboard.

We have demo boards here - Catch em up!
A quiver of demo boards ready for anyone who wants to experiment with new shapes and Hydroflex Technology.

Hydroflex Factory and Shop Tour

Follow us back to the production rooms where all the magic happens.

Surfboards in process
Boards in process. At Hydroflex we run into just about every shape and size surfboard. Since we don’t use molds we can glass any board, with custom dimensions.

Handshaped surfboards before lamination
Hand shaped blanks boards before lamination.

Leo laying some fiberglass on a SUP
Leo laying some fiberglass on a SUP. He is the magic lamination man where the process starts.

Joe works on the Hot Coat
“No Show” Joe doin’ work on some longboards in hot-coat.

Sanding a prototype board
We are always working on new project to test processes and materials. Here is one of our sanding rooms with a prototype board getting some finishing touches.

Some fresh Hydroflex Surfboards
Some fresh boards off of QC getting ready to be shipped to local retailers and customers.

Office at Hydroflex Surfboards
Heading to the other side of the office, we see boss-man Rich makin’ stuff happen.

Hydroflex testboards
He always has a close quiver of personals ready for that quick lunch-time surf sesh.

We have new Hydroflex Hats in our Shop!

Cruise by the shop and snag some Hydroflex swag and say hi to the team. We have new shirts and new hats.

Talk to you soon!
Your Hydroflex Team