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Surf Expo 2013 Recap

We’d like to thank all those who came out to the Surf Expo and supported Hydroflex at the booth! Watch the video and see a bit of what the show was about and what Hydroflex was up to at the show! Click on more to see some pictures...

Hydroflex Surfboards recently took a trip to Orlando, Florida to participate in the annual SIMA Surf Expo in January 2013. Surf Expo is produced in January and September in Orlando, Florida and draws buyers from specialty stores across the U.S., the Caribbean, Central and South America and around the world. Surf Expo features approximately 2,000 booths of apparel and hard goods and a full line-up of special events, including fashion shows, annual awards ceremonies, and demos.

Carbon Surfboards

We introduced Carbon Surfboards at the Surf Expo. This one is by Roberts
but every Hydroflex model is available with Carbon 3D technology.

Team Redline models with Rich Ciesco and a new Carbon board

Richard Ciesco (CEO) from Hydroflex Technology LLC showcasing the board
with Team Redline models at the Surf Expo.

Bufo showacasing the 3D-Glassing at the Surf Expo

Hydroflex Technology inventor "Bufo" showing the 3D-Glassing. After two
days he had enough and the only thing he was telling, that he wants to go surfing

Hydroflex x Transworld Business at the Surf Expo

He and Rich had the chance to speak with Transworld Business.

Packed Hydroflex booth at the Surf Expo

The Hydroflex booth was packed with surfboards. And all are gone...
Even both carbon surfboards by Roberts and Lost we showcased.

Thanks a lot for the support to everyone!
Talk to you soon!

Your Hydroflex Team