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Surfboard Demo - Oceanside Harbor

Hydroflex Surfboard Demo
Join us May 18th at the Oceanside Harbor for a surf demo and BBQ! Come try out surfboards, wetsuits, and fins for FREE and see some of the latest technological advances in surf technology. We will be there with FU wax, Isurus wetsuits, Fin-S and 3D fins, hanging out and demo-ing product. You’re able to try out anything you want, as many times as you want… all day til 4pm! Come say ‘hi’ and hope for swell.


When: May 18th, 9am-4pm
Where: Oceanside Harbor, California
Who: Hydroflex, FU Wax, Isurus Wetsuits, 3D-Fins, Fin-S
What: Surfboard, wetsuit, and fin demo; BBQ
Why: To try some of the latest technological designs in surf products today. Hang out, demo some products, and enjoy the weekend with Hydroflex in Oceanside!