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Surfboards by Todd Proctor Available

Surfboards by Todd Proctor available now.

We're glad to announce that all surfboard shapes by Todd Proctor are available with Hydroflex Tech. All shapes can be customized by Todd. We launched profiles for Da-Monsta, Lil Rascal, Big-Chief and the Blackbird on our website. Other models will follow.

Da Monsta surfboard by Todd Proctor
Da Monsta surfboard for the one board quiver! The ultimate high performance groveler that is extremely versatile; speed arcing and dismantling everything from knee high and mushy to head high and hollow.

The Lil Rascal surfboard by Todd Proctor

The Lil Rascal surfboard is a combination of a retro-style shape and modern surfboard design. It can be surfed by beginners, advanced learners and intermediates in small, weak, mushy, slopey, sectiony pointbreak surf. You don’t need a longboard anymore. The fastest small wave board there is!

The Big Chief surfboard by Todd Proctor

The Big Chief surfboard for the big guys. A medium - overhead versatile performance shortboard. Rip-shredding doesn't have to stop if you're older and or heavier.

The Blackbird surfboard by Todd Proctor

The Blackbird surfboard is designed for the new era of surfing. Fins free maneuvers, airs and reverses. Ideal conditions are from hip-high surf to slightly overhead.