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Wakesurf boards with Hydroflex Tech

Wakesurf Boards by Walker with Hydroflex Tech
It’s always a special thing in the shop when solid R&D project turns into a production line product. At Hydroflex Technology, we are always looking to push the envelope and expand our horizon on what we are capable of doing, and new partners we work with. Our latest collaboration with The Walker Project portrays the true excellence and adaptability of our products and our technology.

Founded in 2004, the fellow San Diego wake surfboard company came to us looking to create the most technically advanced wake surfboard ever built.  Walker was looking to combine Hydroflex 3D lamination technology with some of the most advanced materials in the world. After product and material testing, we came up with our final product, The Walker Project Tech Series wakesurf board.

The Walker Project Tech Series wake surfboards boast an EPS 1.5lb stringer-less foam...

Wakesurf Boards with Hydroflex Tech - Carbon bottom

...full carbon-fiber wrapped bottom, Kevlar wrapped deck, Futures fin boxes...

Wakesurf Boards with Hydroflex Tech - handpainted by Martin Nasim
... and one of a kind hand painted nose by local artist Martin Nasim.

Each board comes with Hydroflex Supercharger capabilities, allowing the board to be charged with air to adjust the flex to the users needs.

The Walker Project