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Surf Prescriptions
Surf Prescriptions

All surfboard models can be ordered in our Natural or Tech Series constructions. The Hydroflex Natural Construction can be customized with PU, EPS, EFC or PU Swirl color foam. You also can add color with a custom resin tint. Boards in our Tech Series can be ordered with Varial Foam, a full Carbon wrap, or as a SuperCharger. All of our boards are 100% customizable. Order your board any way you want it.

The F-Money by Surf Prescriptions was created for all the people who love their New Buddy and want to ride it all the time. The Buddy is made for smaller softer waves so when the waves get bigger and better Jeff Doc Lausch designed the F-Money. It has the same fuller nose out line and lower entry rocker as the New Buddy but the tail is much more high performance, I pulled the tail in and added tail rocker and concave. The concave single to double through the bottom and running off the tail is quite deep. This where all the amazing speed comes from. What really stands out is how the speed is carried through the turns. The F-Money might be the best received model Surf Prescriptions has ever produced.

TAIL: Squash (shown in picture)
Also available: Swallow, Round


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Surf Prescriptions F-Money Surfboard Skill Level

Surf Prescriptions F-Money Surfboard Wave Level

Surf Prescriptions F-Money Dimensions

5'6"   - 17 - 2 - (20.223 l)
   - 17.5 - 2.0625 - (22.025 l)
- 18.5 - 2.1875 - (25.159 l)
   - 18.875 - 2.375 - (28.549 l)
   - 19.5 - 2.50 - (31.638 l)
   - 19.75 - 2.625 - (34.338 l)

Surf Prescriptions F-Money Fin Setup


Surf Prescriptions by Jeff Doc Lausch "The F-Money might be the best received model Surf Prescriptions has ever produced."


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