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Hypto Krypto
Hypto Krypto

All surfboard models can be ordered in our Natural or Tech Series constructions. The Hydroflex Natural Construction can be customized with PU, EPS, EFC or PU Swirl color foam. You also can add color with a custom resin tint. Boards in our Tech Series can be ordered with Varial Foam, a full Carbon wrap, or as a SuperCharger. All of our boards are 100% customizable. Order your board any way you want it.

The Hypto Krypto by Haydenshapes is the most versatile board in the Haydenshapes range. It has a high amount of volume under the chest which enables it to paddle like a dream. The way you surf the Hypto Krypto is on the open face, where you draw fast flowing lines. The outline resembles an old school twin fin in the nose, yet it draws back to a tight rounded pin tail. The wider straighter outline up front will give you plenty of speed, yet the round pin tail allows you to turn tight in the pocket.

The rocker is flat throughout, although there is a little extra lift in the entry, which helps when taking off late or turning in the steeper sections of the wave. The design of the rocker is focused around speed! You will find you will make sections that you never expect to make. The foil has plenty of volume around the chest and center area of the board, yet it refines out to a thinner, pinched rail to keep the board connected to the wave. The concave runs from a rolled vee in the entry to a slight single blending into a vee double out the tail which gives the board great speed and control from rail to rail.


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Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto Skill Level

Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto Wave Level

Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto Dimensions

5'4"   - 19 1/2 - 2 1/4 - (26.20 l)
   - 19 3/4 - 2 3/8 - (28.31 l)
   - 20 - 2 1/2 - (31.00 l)
- 20 1/4 - 2 5/8 - (33.79 l)
   - 20 1/2 - 2 3/4 - (36.56 l)
   - 20 3/4 - 2 3/4 - (38.40 l)
- 21 - 3 - (43.23 l)
   - 21 1/2 - 3 - (45.53 l)

Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto Fin Setup


Haydenshapes"You will enjoy riding the Hypto Krypto by Haydenshapes from small average conditions to clean long barreling point breaks."


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