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Maurice Cole
Maurice Cole

All standup paddle boards can be ordered in our Natural or Tech Series constructions. The Hydroflex Natural Construction can be customized with PU, EPS or PU Swirl color foam. You also can add color with a custom resin tint. SUPs in our Tech Series can be ordered with a full Carbon wrap, or as a SuperCharger. All of our boards are 100% customizable. Order your board any way you want it.

The Metro SUP by Maurice Cole. He has been observing the explosion in the SUP market and after seeing and talking to numerous manufacturers and SUP pros he realized that the design in SUP’s was following surfboard design. His first impression was they resemble long boards, so he made some SUP-Metro designs which meant 1/12″ Concave, hard edges all the way., just like his personal Metro-TT.

The theory is simple. Build a catamaran inspired design that uses very deep concaves, so that here is excellent stability, less wetted surface area, which means a faster hull shape, and a design that will turn more vertically.

Results with the Metro SUP so far have been more than positive, with the design being easier and faster to paddle and to surf.


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Maurice Cole Metro SUP Skill Level

Maurice Cole Metro SUP Wave Height

Maurice Cole Metro SUP Dimensions

9'6" - 28" - 4.25"
More dimensions coming soon..

Maurice Cole Metro SUP Fin Setup


Maurice Cole Surfboards"Results with the Metro SUP by Maurice Cole so far have been more than positive, with the design being easier and faster to paddle and to surf."


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