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Round Nose Fish
Round Nose Fish

All surfboard models can be ordered in our Natural or Tech Series constructions. Boards ordered in the Hydroflex Natural Construction can be customized with the PU Swirl color foam, or add color with a custom resin tint. All of our boards are 100% customizable. Order your board any way you want it.

The Lost Round Nose Fish -  The world’s all-time best selling fish model. Still goes fast, still allows hard carving turns, still allows a wide range of performance in varied surf, still paddles great... still makes you look good.

Designed with low overall rocker and a central concave for lift, into a spiral vee in tail, for control. The RNF5 features a wider tail and 5 fin setup for playing with a multitude of fin options. The RNF is designed as a twin with rear trailer, but works great as a pure twin fin or try all three standard thrusters for different feels in different conditions. Everyone should own one.


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Lost Round Nose Fish skill level

Lost Round Nose Fish wave height

Lost RNF5 Dimensions

(RNF features slightly less volume)

  - 19.25 - 2.25 (26.9l)
5’6"  - 19.38 - 2.25 (27.6l)
5’7"  - 19.50 - 2.32 (29.1l)
5’8"  - 19.63 - 2.32 (29.6l)
5’9"  - 19.75 - 2.38 (31.1l)
5’10" - 20.00 - 2.38 (32.0l)
5’11" - 20.13 - 2.44 (33.6l)
6’0"  - 20.25 - 2.50 (35.0l)
6’1"  - 20.38 - 2.56 (36.6l)
6’2"  - 20.50 - 2.63 (38.4l)
6’4"  - 21.00 - 2.75 (42.5l)

or as a custom made in any dims!

Lost Round Nose Fish Fin Setup


Lost Surfboards

"The world’s all-time best selling fish model. Everyone should own one."


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