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All surfboard models can be ordered in our Natural or Tech Series constructions. The Hydroflex Natural Construction can be customized with PU, EPS, EFC or PU Swirl color foam. You also can add color with a custom resin tint. Boards in our Tech Series can be ordered with Varial Foam, a full Carbon wrap, or as a SuperCharger. All of our boards are 100% customizable. Order your board any way you want it.

Our Flagship shortboard. More pro surfers come to us for the Whiplash than any other model and the list of traveling pros with the Whiplash in their quiver is staggering. Built for precision, tight radius, high speed, spontaneous surfing. The mindset behind this surfboard was “anything not needed, take out”. Low volume rails, vee deck, elliptical outline (No hip or bump in the tail) with narrower nose and tail block combined with an aggressive rail rocker and deep concaves to keep it moving make this the most sensitive and responsive surfboard we offer. Not recommended for below average surfers, but for the guy who wants to elevate his performance to the highest level.

This surfboard performs best in the pocket of curvy waves of any size. Recent tweaks have netted a more user friendly surfboard in moderate surf than before… “It works better in sloppy surf now.”


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Lost Whiplash skill-level.

Lost Whiplash wave-level.

Whiplash Dimensions

5’ 8"  - 18.00" - 2.13" - (22.0l)
5’10" - 18.25" - 2.18" - (23.6l)
6’ 0"  - 18.38" - 2.25" - (25.3l)
6’ 1"  - 18.50" - 2.32" - (26.6l)
6’ 2"  - 18.75" - 2.38" - (28.0l)
6’ 3"  - 19.00" - 2.50" - (30.2l)
6' 4"  - 19.25" - 2.63" - (32.5l)
6’ 6"  - 19.50" - 2.75" - (35.4l)
6' 8"  - 20.00" - 2.75" - (37.4l)

Lost Whiplash Fin Setup


"Built for precision, tight radius, high speed and spontaneous surfing. The mindset behind this surfboard was: anything not needed, take out. This surfboard performs best in the pocket of curvy waves of any size."


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